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PPAI Membership provides companies full access to the promotional products industry. New members learn how to get started from a variety of sources including industry research, online communities, education platforms, the PPAI Industry Directory, tradeshows and professional development events. Membership dues are based on company type and annual promotional product sales volume. All applicants are required to meet set qualification criteria to join PPAI, before gaining access to the full membership benefits.


A PPAI non-member is a qualified industry company with access to the industry’s premiere tradeshow, The PPAI Expo. PPAI non-members are required to meet set qualification criteria prior to gaining access to The PPAI Expo or other PPAI events. Participation with online or live education, professional development events, and access to the market as a PPAI non-member will be strictly limited and have fees set higher than PPAI Members.

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Each company must have a principal/owner (primary contact) and a company administrator. By default, the principal/owner will also be the company administrator who will have full access to the company profile (e.g., add and delete users, update profile). After you have been qualified, you will have the ability to add your entire company roster and assign other administrators.

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